Teacher Feedback Forms

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Teachers Assessment Form

Set your institutional standards using this Teacher Assessment Form Template. Get their strengths and weaknesses and help them improve their teaching practice. Get this template free form Jotform!

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Teaching Session Feedback

A teaching session feedback form is an evaluation form used by trainers to get feedback from students. We have a free, customizable Teaching Session Feedback Form template to get you started!

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Classroom Walkthrough Template

A Classroom Walkthrough is a form template designed to facilitate quick and efficient walkthroughs of classrooms in educational institutions.

Teacher Feedback Forms

Coaching Survey

A Coaching Survey is a form template designed to gather feedback and insights from sports clubs about their coaches.

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Student Daily Feedback Form

A student daily feedback form is a form used by teachers to get daily feedback from the student.

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Mentor Evaluation Form

Quantify your mentors' qualitative skills with the help of this Mentor Evaluation Form Template. Get to see the challenges immediately that your mentor encounters and help them address their issues. Copy this template to your Jotform account and start receiving evaluations from mentees!

Teacher Evaluation Forms

Teacher Progress Report Template

A Teacher Progress Report Template is used by teachers to report on their students’ progress throughout the school year. No coding is necessary in order to customize this template!

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Sunday School Teacher Evaluation Form

A Sunday School Teacher Evaluation Form is used by Sunday School teachers to gauge the effectiveness of their lessons. Customize this template without coding!

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Math Department Student Feedback For Teachers

A math department student feedback form is a form teachers use to collect information from students about their math classes. No coding!

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Informal Observation Form

An informal observation form is an evaluation form that is used to observe and evaluate teaching and communication skills and behaviors of a teacher in the classroom.

Teacher Evaluation Forms

Medical Teaching Feedback Form

A medical teaching feedback form is used by medical educators to collect responses from their students.

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Lesson Plan Feedback Form

A Lesson Plan Feedback Form is a student feedback survey that teachers can use to collect their students' feedback on lesson plans.

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Student Interaction Form

A student interaction form is a questionnaire used by teachers to record the interactions with students about their academic or social needs.

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Learning Facilitator Feedback Form

A Learning facilitator feedback form is a teacher feedback survey that provides a means to collect detailed information from a wide range of respondents.

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Educator Evaluation Form

This template will help you to evaluate a teacher regarding her knowledge application and classroom management.

Teacher Evaluation Forms

Substitute Teacher Reporting Form

A substitute teacher reporting form is a document used by school administrators to track information about substitute teachers. Quickly find information about the substitute teacher's notes about both the lesson and the students.

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Teaching Survey

A teaching survey is a questionnaire that is used to collect feedback from teachers. You just need to customize the questions to best match your unique situation and share them to get responses.

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About Teacher Feedback Forms

Get the feedback you need to create better teachers at your school. Whether you’re a school administrator or a teacher yourself, Jotform’s free online Teacher Feedback Forms can help you find out what students think of their instruction and use the feedback to give them a better education experience. Choose a form template below and customize the questions or keep it as is — then share the form with a link or embed it in your site to collect responses from any device.

Want to customize your chosen Teacher Feedback Form template? Jotform’s drag-and-drop builder lets you add new questions or form fields, include photos or logos, and change fonts and colors in a few easy clicks. Once you gather your feedback, you’ll be able to view it all in Jotform Tables as a spreadsheet or easy-to-read cards. You can even generate feedback reports automatically! Make improvements for your students with the help of Jotform’s Teacher Feedback Forms.