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Course Registration Form

This Course Registration Form template can be used by any school/institution to accept registration on various educational programs that it offers to its students.

Course Registration Form Templates

Class Registration

Streamline student registration with the template form providing student contact information, ID and course selection which can be used to arrange classes accordingly. Customize it by adding new fields as your requirements.

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Business Loan Application Form

A template which is helpful for small/medium business owners to easily apply for a loan through four categories to fill as personal information, project details, financial information and loan details.

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International Student Application Form

International Student Application Form captures bio-data, contact information, passport details, medical data, qualifications, motivation for appliance, supporting documents, allows to select a course and provide further comments

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Mentoring Program Application Form

A detailed Mentoring Application Form that provides you with the applicants' personal, educational, financial information with their ideas regarding some simple questions, a short essay about themselves and related attachments.

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Student Registration Form For Dance Studio

A dance studio registration form useful to manage online registrations that provide you with the parent and emergency contact information, student details, billing and total payment with enrollees' consent to terms and conditions.

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Preschool Package Registration Form

The Preschool Registration Form allows online registrations through collecting parent and student personal and contact details, preferred session and time and the channel which led them to find your institution.

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Education Class Registration Form

Do you want to register new people to your class? You can use this class registration form template to get find new students. Class sign up sheet template has contact information, personal information and which coursework do you want to enroll.

Course Registration Form Templates

Online Class Attendance

An online class attendance form allows students to submit class attendance records online instead of manually recording them in a notebook.

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Computer Training Registration Form

A computer training registration form is used by businesses to collect information from potential clients who want to participate in computer training.

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Virtual Course Registration Form

Gain students online by advertising your course across social media and online ads by using this Virtual Course Registration Form. You can easily use this template for free here in Jotform.

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E Learning Registration Form

Collect student registrations online with a free E-learning Registration Form. Easy to customize and share. Collect fee payments with no extra fees!

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Student Private Tuition Registration Form

A student private tuition registration form allows private tutors or private schools to collect student’s contact information.

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Swim Lesson Registration Form

A swim lesson registration form is used by recreation centers or individual instructors to teach students how to swim properly in a safe environment.

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Enrollment Agreement Form

Make sure the parents and the students are aware of the school's policy, rules, and goals by having them read and sign this Enrollment Agreement Form. This form template can be embedded on any webpage using the embed or iFrame method.

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Martial Arts Course Registration Form

The form provides enrollees personal and contact information, belt ranking status, contact information for emergency issues, health/medical history and also provides the ability to select from course packages and payment system.

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Course Registration And Payment Form

A course registration and payment form is used by organizations that hold educational courses, to gather information about attendees and take payments.

Course Registration Form Templates

Tutor Request Form

A tutor request form is used by students to get help with homework from tutors at the student’s university. Use this free Tutor Request Form template to get answers to homework questions online!

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Cooking Class Registration Form

Collect registrants for your cooking class online. Customize with no coding required. Receive contact details, payments, and more. Connect with 100+ platforms.

Course Registration Form Templates

SAT Course Enrollment Form Template

Student enrollment form for sat course. Includes PayPal integration and automated email notifications.

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Training Request For Nursing Education

Does your company or business offer training services for nursing education? Use this training request form for students to book for the training and have them customized the training that fits their needs. This training request form template asks personal and contact information, date of training, training medium and etc. Accept training requests from students now through this training request template to help them increase their engagement and develop their skills. Our training request form sample can be customized and embedded in your website!

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Exam Date Voting Form

Let your students vote for the date of their next exam. Collect submissions instantly. Easy to customize, share, and fill out on any device. No coding required.

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Firearms Training Release Form

Protect your company when conducting firearms training by having the participants sign this Firearms Training Release Form. This template contains all the necessary information when creating a release form.

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About Course Registration Form Templates

Course registration forms are used to register students for an upcoming class. No matter what subject you teach, our free Course Registration Forms will reduce your teacher workload by letting students register online. Simply customize any of the templates below to publish on your school’s website — students can start signing up for your class instantly! You can even accept class fees directly through your form. Submissions will be sent to your secure Jotform account, which you can view from any device.

There’s no need to hit the books to learn how to customize your Course Registration Form. Our intuitive Form Builder makes it easier than ever to modify a form template without coding. Just drag and drop the form fields or graphic elements you’d like to change. You can add a file upload field to collect documents, or add a secure payment gateway like PayPal or Square to accept class fees. Integrate the form with your favorite apps to automatically send submissions to your accounts, making it easier to organize your records and speed up your workflow. If you need to collect medical information, be sure to upgrade to an appropriate plan to make your form HIPAA-friendly. By automating your class registration process, our Course Registration Forms will save you time better spent with your students.