Online Lease Application  commercial

Online Lease Application commercial

This Rent Application Form is built for a landlord, property manager, or leasing agent on the go. If you want simple and online contractual process, this form is what you need. Form Preview
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  • Commercial Lease Application

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  • By submitting this application you agree:

    1) The information provided herein is complete and accurate. Providing incomplete and/or false information could result in the rejection of the application.

    2) Your signature(s) authorize LMN Financial Group, LLC to order and review a "Tenant Screening and Credit Check" from Tenant Screening Center, Inc. and to investigate the accuracy of all data reported on this application. You have the right under Section 606B of the Fair Credit Reporting Act to make a written request, within a reasonable time, for a complete and accurate disclosure of the nature and scope of this investigation.  I authorize without reservation the full release of these records to Tenant Screening Center, Inc. and/or its agents contacted by Tenant Screening Center, Inc. to obtain information.

    3) The completing of this application by Tenant and the acceptance of this application by Landlord creates no obligation of Landlord to approve the application.  Additionally, no other agreements, either written or oral, are binding on applicant, Landlord or Landlord's agents until the completed lease agreement is signed by all parties.

    4) Additional information may be required in order to process your application. Our management team will contact you upon receipt of this online application to obtain any additional information necessary to complete the processing of your application.




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