Webinar Form for Speakers

Webinar Form for Speakers

This is a good form to use when having speakers fill out information for a webinar event. Form Preview
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  • You can include EITHER a free gift or sell a product. For those who sell a product please indicate if Danielle needs to sign up as your affiliate or if you will need to your product hosted by her. If we need to sign up to your affiliate program please email Danielle at danielle@spiritmeetsstratgy.com.

  • For those offering ONLY a free gift...

  • For those offering ONLY a product...

  • Please upload your headshot photo and bio. Also include a link for your sales page where your product or free gift will be located.

  • Thank you for your participation in Make Your Impact Global Summit. We're excited to have you on board! If you have any questions, please contact Danielle at danielle@spiritmeetsstrategy.com.

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