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Admission Form

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    Enter your best test results below. You must notify ETS that you are applying to Portland State University (code 4610), if you did not do so when you took the test please ensure that you do so before submitting this application.
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    Provide details of your bachelor's degree and any other higher education. You must upload or mail a copy of your transcipt for each institution you have attended.
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    In no more than 600 words, describe your past work, your intended sub-field of study and reasons, your career goals, and any other information you would like the graduate admissions committee to consider. Be as specific as possible; avoid vague and/or universal statements such as of descriptions of your desire to learn chemistry. (You may copy and paste your statement from a word processing software or enter it directly below).

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    Please enter the names and email addresses of at least two individuals who have agreed to provide letters of recommendation for you. ONLY LETTERS ON INSTIUTIONAL LETTERHEAD AND SIGNED BY THE WRITER WILL BE ACCETPED. E-mail requests will be forwarded to these individuals automatically.



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    The submit button will appear only when all required fields are filled. Applications are due 15th of January and must be accompanied by copies of your transcript(s). Your transcript(s) can be uploaded into this form (pdf or html) or mailed to: Department of Chemistry, Portland State University, PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207 and must be received by 15th of January.
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