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Medical History Form

A medical history form is a questionnaire used by health care providers to collect information about the patient’s medical history during a medical or physical examination.

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Medication List

A medication list template is a document used by a medical professional to track all the medications that a patient is taking.

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Doctor Note Form

A doctor's note form is a document written by a doctor stating the patient is too sick to go to work or school.

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COVID 19 Patient Screening Questionnaire

A COVID-19 patient screening questionnaire is used by medical practitioners to ask patients about their family and medical history.

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Eye Prescription Form

An eye prescription form is a form template designed to help eye doctors record and refer to their patients' prescription information

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Dental Office COVID 19 Prescreening Form

A dental office COVID-19 screening form is used by dental offices to register patients for the COVID-19 vaccine. This free online COVID-19 Prescreening Form template is ideal for dental offices.

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Monthly Drug Inventory Form

A monthly drug inventory form is a record of the inventory of a business or organization, used to keep track of assets.

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Health Assessment Form

A health assessment form is a questionnaire that allows medical and healthcare professionals to gather data about individuals.

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 Mental Health Journal Template

A mental health journal template is a document that can be used by patients to keep an online record of their mental health progress or daily experiences.

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COVID 19 Testing Hospital Discharge Form

A COVID-19 testing hospital discharge form is used by hospitals to track the status of patients after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Online Wellness Evaluation Form

An Online Wellness Evaluation Form is a form template designed to collect information about an individual's health history, lifestyle habits, wellness goals, and any specific concerns or preferences related to their overall well-being.

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Covid 19 Acknowledgement

A Covid-19 Acknowledgement is used by medical professionals to acknowledge patients that have consented to the Covid-19 vaccine. This Covid-19 Acknowledgement form can be customized to fit your medical practice’s branding.

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TB Skin Test Results Form

A TB skin test results form gathers the results of a skin testing procedure to determine tuberculosis infection.

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Medication Record Form

A Medication Record Form is a form template designed to track how often patients fill their prescriptions and which medications they are taking.

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Daily Health Monitoring Sheet

A daily health monitoring sheet is used by companies to track the health conditions and progress of their employees.

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Weight And Measurement Tracking

This simple and easy to use form allows you to track your weight and measurements

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Migraine Diary Form

A migraine diary form is given to migraine sufferers to record the signs and symptoms of their migraine attacks.

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Weight Loss Intake Form

A weight loss intake form is a tool used by medical professionals to collect vital information from new patients regarding their health, treatment needs, and weight loss goals.

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Dermal Filler Treatment Record Form

Get the clients’ treatment record information with a Dermal Filler Treatment Record Form easily after applying any procedures. Keep organized all the time. No coding required.

Dermal Filler Forms

PRP Consent Form

A PRP consent form is a medical document that patients fill out to provide their consent for preparing a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for their treatment. If you want to use the PRP consent form to keep sensitive patient health information protected, you can use Jotform’s HIPAA friendly features.

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Weight Tracker Form

An online weight tracker is used by individuals to manage their weight and keep up with the changes in their bodies.

Health Tracking Forms

Health Profile Form 

A health profile form is a questionnaire used by doctors and other medical providers to get an overview of the general health of their patients.

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Medication Reconciliation Form

A medication reconciliation form is a document that is used to organize the medications that a patient is taking.

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Mental Health Progress Notes Form

A Mental Health Progress Notes Form is a record of mental health therapy for physicians or mental health counselors.

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About Health Tracking Forms

Are you a nutritionist looking for an easy way to track your clients’ health? Or maybe you’re wondering how to track your own personal health and wellness journey. Either way, Jotform’s Health Tracking Form is the helpful form for you. This fully customizable health form can help you track and analyze health data in one centralized place. Track your or your client’s workouts, meals, moods and even add a form field for daily journal entries.

Customizing your Health Tracking Form is seamless with Jotform’s drag-and-drop form builder — no coding knowledge needed. You can personalize design elements like font, background color, text color, and images. Then you can share your form by embedding it in your own website or by sending the link directly to your patients. Prioritize health with Jotform today.