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  • Apeman Strong Fest 2.0

    USA Powerlifting Sanction AZ-2018-05 , September 22-23th 2018
  • Hosted by: Apeman Strong

    Directed by: WADE Strength Systems

    Apeman Headquarters
    4060 West Fairmount Avenue

    Phoenix, Arizona 85019

    Meet Directors: Rodney & Miryam Elm


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  • *Fill out this online waiver form for this competition. The National Office will send you a PDF that you can upload with the link below. Thank you for choosing USA Powerlifting, the cleanest platform in the country!*

    Release of Claims and Liability

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  • All lifters competing in a USA Powerlifting competition must be a member of USA Powerlifting. If you are not currently a member or need to renew your membership go to the link below and select your appropriate option.

    Membership Section

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  • Age Divisions

    The additional division will add $25.00 to your total price
  • Body-Weight Divisions

  • Full Powerlifting = $85 : Push-Pull = $80 : Bench Only = $75 : Deadlift Only = 75
  • Please select all events your wish to receive an award for.

    Full Powerlifting is all three lifts; Squat, Bench press, Deadlift.

    Push-Pull is bench press and deadlift only.
    If you enter into "Full Powerlifting" and break a single lift record, you are eligible for that record. You do Not have to enter into the single lift events to acquire those records. If you wish to receive an award for multiple events you will need to register for each event.

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  • Awards will be presented for each age division and event(s) entered.

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