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  • Are you looking for results? Whether you want to lose weight, or gain weight, or improve sports performance, or gain lean muscle, or just live a healthier lifestyle, this Challenge is for YOU!!

    Over 21 days we introduce you to the fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle as well as getting you into action through daily action steps, education and support, designed to get you health results e.g. improved energy and wellness. We do this all through an interactive CLOSED Facebook group, so you can partake anywhere in South Africa! Our Team of Health Coaches is also there to provide guidance and support in the Challenge so you learn what steps to take to make those changes happen. Remember, it takes 21 days to develop good habits, so this is the perfect place to get that support!

    Get all the information about the 21 Eat Clean Challenge NOW! Simply enter your details below.

  • Testimonials

  • Margo Roberts - Ottery, Cape Town

    I haven't weighed myself but my jeans are getting too big for me. What I really enjoyed was seeing whats snacks and meals everyone else was having. Thanks to all for sharing. Anyone wanting to make a change for the better should definitely give the 6 Day Breakfast Challenge a go. Thanks Karl and everyone for sharing.

    Bernice - Karoo

    I concentrated on better food choices, healthier eating pattern and portions. With your support and input, I've learned a lot, and on top of it, I've enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you so much!

    Geraldene - Edgemead

    Today I am grateful that I am still healthy enough to enjoy an active lifestyle. I am grateful to be introduced to a product that is healthy and nutritious. And for the great motivating team that came with the products.

    Jessica - Cape Town

    It's amazing the results that I'm getting now. I can't stop now. Thank you for everything!


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