Dave's Personal Training Consultation Questionnaire

Dave's Personal Training Consultation Questionnaire

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  • Personal Training Consultation Questionnaire

  • Part 1. Basic information

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  • Part 2. Lifestyle Information

  • Part 3. Medical and health information

  • Part 4. Goals

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  • Part 5. Nutritional Plan

  • Anthropometrics (Body measurements)

  • Part 6. Mental Readiness/Personality

  • What energizes you in the present? Think about a recent moment when you were happy! What was it about that moment that made it good for you?

  • Part 7. Services Offered


    The personal trainer reserves the right to charge you for a training session if you do not give at least a 24-hour cancellation notice. This session will be classified as a "NO SHOW SESSION" and will be deducted from your session balance.

    If you become aware that you cannot make a scheduled appointment, leave a detailed message at the contact number chosen by your trainer.


    Each session shall be 30 mintes - 1 hour in length as initially agreed upon by the client and trainer. Sessions will not be extended (unless time is available) due to the lateness of the client or due to interruptions caused by the client.


    In recognition of the possible dangers connected with any physical activity, the client hereby knowingly and voluntarily waives any right of cause of action of any kind whatosever arising from any liability which may or could accrue to the club, its officers, agent's employees or instructors.Should client default, client agrees to pay all costs of collection, including agency fees, court costs and reasonable attorney fees, all of which may be paid or incurred by the holder of this note. Client agrees that no other representation is made other than that which is agreed to in writing.

    Failure to use all personal training sessions or follow program will not relieve client payment. If original trainer is unable to complete session, Sixel's USA Martial Arts and Fitness has the right to assign another trainer. No refunds will be given.


    All the information on this form is correct and to the best of my knowledge. I have sought and followed any necessary medical advice. I understand that all the information given will be kept confidential.

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