Cookie Order Forms

22 Templates

Stripe Cookie Order Form

Sample stripe payment form for one time payments

E-commerce Forms

Cookie Order Form

A simple Cookie Order Form which allows your customers to select the type of cookies they want to order, provide their contact information, shipping address and pay online.

Business Forms

Online Cookie Order Form WorldPayUS Payment Form

This free cookie order form will accept online payments with Worldpay US. Customize your online cookie order form to display pictures of your delicious baked goods.

Bakery Order Forms

2022 ABC Baker Girl Scout Cookie Order Form

The Girl Scout Cookie Order Form is used to buy Girl Scout Cookies online.

Customer Service Forms

Custom Cookie Request Form

Allow your customers to personalize their orders by having them fill-out this Custom Cookie Request Form. This form can be added to the webpage or be used as a stand-alone via the direct link.

Cookie Order Forms

Valentine DIY Kits Order Form

Valentine DIY kits are small gifts that you can prepare for your partner to make at home. Sell Valentine DIY kits to your customers with a free online Valentine DIY Kits Order Form.

Order Forms

Girl Scout Cookie Inventory Order Form

Sell girl scout cookies online with a free Girl Scout Cookie Order Form. Easy to customize, embed, and share. Collect payments with no extra fees.

Cookie Order Forms

Easter Treats Order Form

The Easter Treats Order Form allows customers to purchase Easter egg treats in bulk. Sell your treats directly to your customers!

Business Forms

Halloween Candy Gram Order Form

A Halloween Candy Gram order form is used by businesses to process orders for Halloween candy grams.

Entertainment Forms

Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit Order Form

This Halloween Cookie Decorating Kit Order Form is a form template used to order the supplies needed to make cookie decorations for Halloween.

Bakery Order Forms

Father's Day Cookie Order Form

A Father’s Day Cookie Order Form is used by bakeries or families to place an order for cookies of the shape, size, and personalized message desired from their children.

Business Forms

Macarons Order Form

A Macarons Order Form is a form template designed to streamline the ordering process for customers interested in purchasing macarons.

Order Forms

Pumpkin Cheesecake Order Form

The Pumpkin Cheesecake Order Form is a user-friendly solution for bakeries to manage and collect orders for their delicious pumpkin cheesecakes.

Order Forms

About Cookie Order Forms

Whether you’re a bakery owner or a very determined Girl Scout, you can increase cookie sales with Jotform’s tasty Cookie Order Form Templates. Simply customize your template with our easy-to-use Form Builder to include delivery or pickup options, cookie types, and mouth-watering images of your baked delights. You can even integrate your order form with Square or PayPal to collect secure payments online! Don’t let messy phone orders put a chip on your shoulder — our Cookie Order Form Templates seamlessly process online cookie orders to maximize sales. You’ll be rolling in the dough in no time!