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Attendance Form

Are you planning an event such as a wedding, party or reunion? Know if people you are inviting is coming to the event by using this attendance form. This kind of attendance forms are very simple and only ask for the name and email address of the person you are inviting. Ask people to provide their reason for not coming in this attendance form template.

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E Slam Book

An e-Slam Book Form that allows respondents answer questions whichever they deem best that will initially optimize your information collection process.

Feedback Forms

Choir Signup Form

For more people to join your choir you can use this simple signup form which collects applicant personal and contact information with their vocal range. You can customize the template through a variety of tools and integrations.

Signup Forms

Alumni Registration Form

An Alumni Registration Form is used to collect information from alumni, including contact information, degree information, and donations. Collect and track Alumni Registration Forms with ease!

Membership Registration Forms

Senior Superlatives Form

Let seniors vote for yearbook superlatives online. Free voting form you can customize without coding. Embed anywhere. Easy to share and fill out on any device.


Alumni Update Form

Do you manage an alumni organization? Then you can use this form to get people to update their details. To keep them up to date.

Alumni Forms

Alumni Contact Directory Form

Collect contact information from graduates or alumni easily using this form. This is designed for contact directory listing sites.

Alumni Forms

Alumni Regisration Form

A well detailed alumni Registration form

Alumni Forms

Group Evaluation Form

A group evaluation form is used in education or business to send feedback to a manager or supervisor.

Evaluation Forms

Bridesmaid Survey

A bridesmaid survey is a questionnaire given to bridesmaids by the bride to get a sense of the bridesmaid’s interests and activities. Just remember to share your bridesmaid survey with your friends.

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Privacy Policy And Conditions Agreement

If you need a form to state your Privacy Policy and Conditions, this form offers you an organized way to display extensive data and still collect the signature and personal information of the user.

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prospect information collection tool

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Alumni Contact Directory Form

Here's a great example of how a form can be created and used as an Alumni Directory. You can easily submit your personal information to be listed.

Alumni Forms

Alumni Information Form

An alumni update form that provides you with the most recent information of your alumni including their contact details, their family information, job information, educational background, and further updates.

Alumni Forms

Graduation Ceremony Invitation Form

Create ceremony invitations for new graduates with the Graduation Ceremony Invitation Form! No code required.

Event Registration Forms


Dear SSC(17) and HSC(19) We would be very happy if you join us in the picnic that we are planning to host [Thursday 31December] at [Akij Collegiate School]. Join us to share some moments and fun activities. All has been planned. We only require your feedback. Looking forward to enjoying a nice picnic with you. Regards Picnic Management team

Alumni Forms

Chapter Annual Report

Get a recap of all the events, programs and members activities in your alumni organization using this alumni chapter report.

Alumni Forms

Alumni Donation Form Worldpay Us Payment Form

Accept one-time and recurring donations with this free alumni donation form that is integrated with Worldpay US.

Donation Forms

About Alumni Forms

Online forms are the efficient way to organize your school’s alumni. That's why many choose Jotform's free alumni form templates, which are free to use and fully customizable to match the look and feel of your school’s brand. Get updated information from alumni or sign them up for your school newsletter. Get started with a form template today, and collect the valuable info you need in no time!