RCF Student Registration Fall 2014

RCF Student Registration Fall 2014

ucireversecareerfair.com student registration form for fall 2014 Form Preview
  • UCI Reverse Career Fair Fall 2014 Student Registration

    Got a project you'd like to present at this quarter's Reverse Career Fair? Sign up here! The Reverse Career Fair is a great opportunity for students to get internships and job offers. At the fair, you will be able to show off your skills through projects you've built and get the attention you deserve!
  • **Important! To secure your seat in RCF, we would require a deposit of $10. Please note that ALL OF YOUR DEPOSIT will be REFUNDED upon conclusion of RCF.  **

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  • Security Deposit $10.00 is required but upon completion of the event, you will recieve a check in the full amount of $10.00. This is just to secure your spot in the event. 

    We accept payments Visa, Masercard, Amex via PayPal through this form, but if you require additional payment options, please contact Delian Petrov at petrovd@uci.edu. (Please note you DO NOT need a PayPal account to complete this). 

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