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PDF Templates: Weekly Timesheet Template

Weekly Timesheet Template

Are you trying to decrease your paperwork? This Weekly Timesheet Template will surely help you gain extra time. Thanks to this template you can easily track your employees’ shift and their salaries. Also, you can follow their wishes, expectations, and concerns. Weekly Timesheet Template will make it easier to gather feedback from employees. Thus, you have extra time for spending with your company.JotForm provides free Weekly Timesheet Template that you can download, print for your employees. The template can be customized as you wish. All the details of your employees can be found in your PDF Document. Each employee will have a different PDF Document. You can download or print your PDF document. Also, it is possible to share your employee details to your colleagues with email.

PDF Templates: Camper Confidential Information Template

Camper Confidential Information Template

It's really hard and tiresome work to do provide on camping organization and handle and track the paperwork at the same time. With Camper Confidential Information Template, all the information would be gathered at the same platform such as personal information, parental information for emergency contact and food allergies or dietary restrictions information. Besides, you'd have information about what campers would like to do, their hobbies, etc. Thus, you can analyze your campers needs more easily. Jotform is providing Camper Confidential Information Template, free of charge. The template can be printed or downloaded to the computer. The template can also be customized for suitable needs. It can be extended with extra functionalities or reduced for reporting.

PDF Templates: Let's Get Acquainted Template

Let's Get Acquainted Template

Every camper has different wishes and special needs when they are camping. It may be an issue to collect all information on different papers. You can collect all needed information such as personal details, campers’ fears, diet restrictions, hobbies and their expectations about the summer camp on the same platform by using the Let’s Get Acquainted PDF Template. Also, the PDF template is downloadable and printable. Thanks to this you can analyze your PDFs wherever you are. Let’s Get Acquainted Template will be filled automatically with participants’ data when you get submissions. You can modify this template as you wish. Let’s Get Acquainted Template will help you organize your summer camp as in your mind.