Business Essentials Questionnaire

Business Essentials Questionnaire

Business Essentials Questionnaire Form Preview
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    All the information I need to successfully complete your business essentials project!


    This information is what I will use on your business cards, social media graphics, or anything else I'm creating for your busienss.

  • Sans-Serif fonts are straight lined, typically more modern looking fonts. While serif fonts are more book-like with the little "feet" top and bottom of the letters. Please use the image above as an example of font styles to answer the following question.

  • Colors:
    Do you have any existing colors that need to be matched? Do you have a color idea in mind? Use the HEX color picker for some ideas. It's helpful if you provide me with the HEX code for the color(s) you have in mind. If you need me to match an existing color please upload a photo containing the color at the bottom of this questionnaire.

  • If you have any images you think would be helpful for me please upload them here. These can be previous logos of your business or logos that you like, or anything esle you think I might need.
    Max 3 files. Allowed file types are pdf, doc, docx, zip, jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

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  • I try to have all designs wrapped up and delivered within 1-2 weeks! While I can be reached on the weekends and holidays I typically do not work on design projects during these times.

    If you have a deadline you have to make please input the date. I'll do my best to accomodate resonable deadlines.

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  • YEAH, you're done! Once you click submit, your information will be emailed to me. I will reply once I receive it. I may have additional questions or I may not, but you WILL hear from me. I will contact you using the email address you provided in the questionnaire. THANK YOU!

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