Staff Evaluation Form

Staff Evaluation Form

Staff Evaluation form for Netcast Church. To be used to evaluate and assess staff members within a ministry setting. Form Preview
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  • Netcast Staff Evaluation Form

  • The goal of this form is to evaluate an employee’s performance and assist the employee in identifying his or her strengths and opportunities for improvement.

    To help gather an understanding of of an employees effectiveness and ensure they are properly supported, please fill out this form as honest as you possibly can. Also, please note that this evaluation in no way effects a persons pay or benefits. It is simply a tool to make sure the employee and the ministry is most effectively being cared for.

    Pick a number 1 through 5 that describes your opinion on the persons performance within each question.

    1 - Does not meet minimum requirements.

    2 - Sometimes meets requirements but improvement is needed.

    3 - Meets requirements and expectations.

    4 - Meets and, at times, exceeds expectations and requirements.

    5 - Consistently exceeds expectations and offers exceptional accomplishments.

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