Travel Expense Report

Travel Expense Report

Traveled and needing to log expenses? Fill out this online form template to inform accurately. Form Preview
TRAVEL EXPENSE REPORT **TO BE FILLED OUT AFTER EACH TRIP** To be submitted within 14 working days af...

    **TO BE FILLED OUT AFTER EACH TRIP** Submit 14 working days after trip is completed
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  • (1/1/2016 Mileage @ .54/mile - RT Riverside/Ontario = 42 miles * Please enter mileage NOT cost)
  • Subsistence & Incidentals/Meals and incidentals (include tips/fees for services such as waiters and baggage handlers: pressing and/or cleaning of clothes) are reimbursed for actual expenses incurred, up to the ceiling of $74/day (if gone for less than 24 hours, NO Meals and Incidentals will be reimbursed).
    The daily meal and incidental expense (M&IE) cap for travel within the continental U.S. (CONUS) has been increased to $74.  Although the University's cap amount is tied to the maximum Federal per diem, travelers may seek reimbursement only for their actual expenses in accordance with existing policy.  Departments should remind their travelers that only expenses actually incurred are reimbursable. 
    Meals covered by conference registration fees, provided in-flight, or hosted by another individual, organization, etc. may not be claimed for reimbursement. 
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  • Travel Reimbursement Guidelines - see link for full details
    UC Travel Policy, Regulations and Procedures

        •     Do not book lodging thru a package service such as Expedia
        •     Itemized receipt from Hotel is required
                  o     Phone calls are not reimbursed if charged on room
                  o     Valet parking is not to be used – if the hotel does not provide another means of parking, an explanation and exception must be provided

        •     Mileage is reimbursed for personal vehicle use. Provide license plate
        •     If the mileage from home is greater than the mileage from work to the destination, the shorter trip will be used for calculations.
        •     Do not book air fare thru a package service such as Expedia
        •     Provide receipts for luggage charges
        •     Turn in boarding passes if available
        •     The total allowable amount per day is $71 (this amont is only if you have been traveling for the entire day, you cannot leave for your trip at 5 pm and have a $71 dinner)
                  o     Do not tip over 18%
                  o     Do not include alcohol
    Travel must be submitted prior to 14 business days after the trip is completed

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  • Once you hit Submit, you will receive an email with your completed information.  Please print that email and attach your ORIGINAL RECEIPTS/DECLARATION OF MISSING EVIDENCE and turn in the completed travel document with receipts to Karen Henry in UOB 100.
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