Travel Expense Report

Travel Expense Report

Traveled and needing to log expenses? Fill out this online form template to inform accurately. Form Preview
Travel Expense Report Form Template | JotForm

    **TO BE FILLED OUT AFTER EACH TRIP** Submit 14 working days after trip is completed
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  • (1/1/2018 Mileage @ 54.5 cents/mile - RT Riverside/Ontario = 42 miles * Please enter mileage NOT cost)
  • Subsistence & Incidentals/Meals and incidentals (include tips/fees for services such as waiters and baggage handlers: pressing and/or cleaning of clothes) are reimbursed for actual expenses incurred, up to the ceiling of $62/day (if gone for less than 24 hours, NO Meals and Incidentals will be reimbursed).
    10/15/17: Maximum daily reimbursement for meals and incidentals cap will decrease to $62 for travel assignments of less than 30 days within the CONUS. Exceptions are not permitted. The proposed policy language is as follows:
    o The M&IE cap for CONUS travel under 30 days shall not be treated as a per diem. M&IE reimbursement shall be limited to the actual reasonable costs incurred; subject to the daily maximum reimbursement cap.
    Meals covered by conference registration fees, provided in-flight, or hosted by another individual, organization, etc. may not be claimed for reimbursement. As reminder, per our local campus procedure, receipts are not required for meal costs less than $75.
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  • Travel Reimbursement Guidelines - see link for full details
    UC Travel Policy, Regulations and Procedures

    • Do not book lodging thru a package service such as Expedia
    • Itemized receipt from Hotel is required
    o Phone calls are not reimbursed if charged on room
    o Valet parking is not to be used – if the hotel does not provide another means of parking, an explanation and exception must be provided

    • Mileage is reimbursed for personal vehicle use. Provide license plate
    • If the mileage from home is greater than the mileage from work to the destination, the shorter trip will be used for calculations.
    • Do not book air fare thru a package service such as Expedia
    • Provide receipts for luggage charges
    • Turn in boarding passes if available

    • The total allowable amount per day is $62 (this amont is only if you have been traveling for the entire day, you cannot leave for your trip at 5 pm and have a $62 dinner)
    o Do not tip over 18%
    o Do not include alcohol

    Travel must be submitted prior to 14 business days after the trip is completed

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  • Once you hit Submit, you will receive an email with your completed information. Please print that email and attach your ORIGINAL RECEIPTS/DECLARATION OF MISSING EVIDENCE and turn in the completed travel document with receipts to Victoria Avalos in UOB 100.
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