IPOS Faculty Form 2016 Form Preview
  • 13th Annual International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium presented by POSNA and AAOS December 6-10, 2016 ~ Orlando, FL

  • Thank you for your participation in IPOS 2016!  Below, you will see all of the information that we need from each of you at this point in time to participate in IPOS 2016. Please be sure you click to answer each of the questions below and then submit the form at the very bottom. Your form has not been completed unless you receive a confirmation pop-up message once you have submitted your entire form. 


    Confirmation of participation and assignments for the 2016 IPOS schedule is also listed below. Please be sure to look over the excel version of the document to see scheduled assigned talks. If you have any issues with any talks assigned, please let Joanna Curry, curry@aaos.org, and Michael Vitale, mgv166@gmail.com know as soon as possible.  


    Please be sure to include updated contact information. We want to be sure that we have your current assistant, email, etc on file.


    The faculty forms that include the FDA status and non-exclusive license. PLease let either Joanna Curry, curry@aaos.org  or Dawn Martinez, martinez@aaos.org  know if you have any questions regarding these documents. 


    To thank you for your participation in IPOS 2016, we would like to provide you with a small token of our appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into this meeting. We know the time and effort that each of you put into this meeting and would like to offer you a small thank you for all that you do.


    If at any time you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact the following people:

    Joanna Curry, CME Course Coordinator curry@aaos.org  Office: (847)384-4081 Cell: (847)414-7129

    Dawn Martinez, CME Course Assistant martinez@aaos.org Office: (847)384-4079

    Thank you again for all that you do to contine to make IPOS the success that it is! Without our faculty, we would not be where we are today, and look forward to our continued partnership as IPOS continues to grow! 


    Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH Donald S. Bae, MD- 2016 IPOS Course Directors

    Joanna Curry- CME Course Coordinator




  • 13th Annual International Pediatric Orthopaedic Symposium presented by POSNA and AAOS
    December 6-10, 2016; Orlando, FL
    Directors: Michael G. Vitale, MD, MPH and Donald S. Bae, MD
  • I have created and am the current copyright holder of a videotape/examination/course content work/paper/audiotape or other creative material, hereinafter referred to as the "Work." I agree to license the Work to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons ("AAOS") according to the following terms:   1. The license shall begin on the date I sign this Agreement and continue for a five (5) year term.   2. I hereby grant the AAOS a non-exclusive license for use of the WORK. The AAOS is not obligated to use the WORK in any way.   3. I am giving this license to the AAOS as a contribution. I specifically release the AAOS from any obligation to pay money or otherwise perform services for this license.   4. The AAOS may use the Work for educational purposes only and only for the program named above.   5. I warrant that the Work is original and does not violate or infringe on the rights of another person or entity. If the Work has been published elsewhere, I specifically agree to note where and when it had been published.   6. If the Work contains patient-identifiable information, I warrant that I have obtained all necessary permissions and/or have adhered to all requirements under state and federal privacy laws and regulations (including the HIPAA privacy regulations).  
  • If the Work has a registered copyright, please enter the registration date and number:
  • To obtain information regarding the clearance status of a device or pharmaceutical refer to the product labeling or call the FDA 1-800-638-2041 or visit the FDA internet site at http://www.fda.gov
  • NOTE: Academy policy provides that “off label” uses of a device or pharmaceutical may be described in the Academy’s CME activities so long as the “off-label” status of the device or pharmaceutical is also specifically disclosed (i.e. that the FDA has not approved labeling the device for the described purpose). Any device or pharmaceutical is being used “off label” if the described use is not set forth on the product’s approved label.
  • AAOS requires a peer review of all course material PRIOR to distributing it to course attendees. The purpose of this peer review is to ensure a fair and balanced presentation of the course content and that it is free of inappropriate identification of any company and/or company products.   To ensure a timely peer review, we ask that you submit your course material by Monday, October 24, 2016.  See the course program  for course assignments.
    Intellectual Property and Copyright
    As a faculty member preparing handout material and/or presentations, please review and adhere to the following information regarding copyright and use of all published and unpublished images, derived from articles, book chapters, etc.   The AAOS respects the copyrights held by others. As a result, if it is known that an image, medical illustration, video, or other rendering has been published in another work and is held in copyright, AAOS requests that you cite the course of where you obtained the material. AAOS can include images from the following sources without consideration for copyright:
    • Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS)
    • Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery – American
    • Any AAOS publication, video, examination or multimedia program
    • Your patient files (radiographs, MRI, CT, and other imaging studies) with consideration for HIPAA regulations.
    Commercialism and Bias
    While it is rare, from time to time, faculty presentations make reference to name-brand products, devices, pharmaceuticals/drugs, or suggest “only one way” to perform a surgical procedure.   In an effort to ensure balance and avoid commercialism, the Academy requests that course faculty use generic terminology in their presentations.   Course Directors will be requested to provide commentary and add balance if “name-brands” or “only one way” to perform surgery are included in faculty presentations.  
  • I have read and understand AAOS’s primer on intellectual property rights titled “Intellectual Property Rights: What You Need to Know”. The primer is available either on the AAOS website, web at http://www.aaos.org/member/mbrsvc/primer.asp or in hard copy by contacting the AAOS.
  • I have read the foregoing license and agreement before signing below, and I fully understand its contents.
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  • A reservation has been made on your behalf at the Walt Disney World Swan Resort. Please confirm your check in and check out dates.  If there are dates that you need a room, and they are not listed below, please contact Joanna Curry, Curry@aaos.org.  


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